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I introduce BCP Micro Academy to you.

We offer Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Additional Maths tutoring at KS4 and A-Level.

Our Team of 9 tutors consists of Senior Leaders, Heads of Department and main scale teachers but all of our tutors are experienced professional teachers; all with specialist A-Level knowledge across our curriculum. All our tutors have a Qualified Tutor qualification courtesy of Julia Silver and her training team. We are members of the Tutor Association.

We offer both online and face-to-face tutoring; the latter being geo-centred at the White Hill Centre in Chesham. We restrict class sizes to no more than 5. We run our 25-week courses in the early evening on weekdays and at late mornings over the weekends from the October half term to the May half term

Our prices start at £35 per hour for KS4 and go up to £60 per hour for one to one, face to face A-Level tuition. We provide discounts for students who take multiple topics.

We have just completed our first 25-week courses and the simplest way of showing our capabilities is to quote our tutees and parents:

Currently, I am paying for six hours of tutoring per week for my children.

My eldest is facing GCSEs in a failing school. He has a natural aptitude for academics and feels disappointed and disenfranchised with what’s on offer. So, Chris (a 63- year old ex-army science teacher) tutors him four hours per week in maths, biology, chemistry and physics.

Before the tutor was installed Michael was angry, disillusioned and worried for his future. Today he knows that the adults in his life will help him and support him to make his way in the world.

During lockdown, those daily sessions with Chris were the most civilised moments in his schedule. As a mother, I knew that for at least one hour a day, Michael was having a sensible, enabling conversation with a caring adult. I was completely unable to provide that for him myself (I was just too overwhelmed) so I was grateful to Chris primarily for being a trusted adult.

Had Michael been going off the rails, I know that Chris would have alerted me to any concerns. But he wasn’t, he was learning high-level science with an interesting and interested tutor. What a brilliant investment.

Julia Silver

This year my son had tutoring for A level Biology with Ray and has greatly benefitted from the sessions. Joel missed the first few weeks of the timetable; however, he was offered the chance to catch up during the holidays. He was always very happy to log onto the weekly sessions and always reported back that it had been interesting and helpful.

Towards the end of the timetable, Ray was able to be flexible and focus on areas that Joel needed extra help with.

His predicted grades have improved, and we are very encouraged that he has been given the best chance to gain his required grades for Uni.


I found the sessions to be extremely helpful in consolidating and furthering my knowledge in Biology and Chemistry. The small class structure allowed the tutors to really focus on my individual needs and has given greater confidence, especially answering exam questions. I would really recommend BCP Micro Academy to anyone studying their A-levels.


I found BCP Micro Academy to be very professional and accommodating with excellent communication from the tutors. My daughter enjoyed the sessions and I feel she benefitted greatly from the small class size and personalised tutoring.

Mrs J F

I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and they have helped me gain a better understanding of the A-level content. Regular exam practice has also helped me to become more confident with exam technique but also understanding the topics in detail. Examples of applications of science content in the scientific world has helped put things into perspective and the sessions have been invaluable in aiding my learning. I would recommend BCP to anyone who wishes to get support in science and maths.


BCP offered a crash course in Biology over 22 weeks of Year 13 which sounded perfect for my son who would inevitably have gaps from the lockdown period. However, as the year progressed it proved more complicated than that and Ray Hague could not have been more flexible and accommodating to last minute revision for flash tests and the new reduced content list which was different for each school and each pupil. He gave Oscar confidence to achieve and hopefully a grade boost in a very uncertain year. We were very grateful for his help.

Joanna B.


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