What we offer

Covid-19 Science Recovery Programme for GCSE & A-Level Science

  • Our courses are suitable for GCSE and A-Level syllabuses: AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.
  • Our Covid-19 recovery programme runs for 26 weeks over the next (2020-2021) school year in time for the 2021 GCSE & A-Level exams. We work after-school in the early evenings or at weekends during normal school term times. We can provide the calendar on request.
  • We will work with students to assess their current knowledge and aspirations, understanding their baseline start-point
  • Every child will get formal assessment and an individual programme to improve their grades
  • We will work through all the core practicals as required by the exam boards.
  • We provide learning guides, knowledge organisers, and encourage students to create their own revision notes
  • We provide homework.
  • We focus on knowledge and retention of that knowledge; teaching our students how to absorb knowledge into long term memory.
  • We teach exam techniques, but ensure our students have the wider knowledge (and therefore the fundamentals) of each of our topics.
  • We discuss careers, offering our wisdom, and we let students know how to apply, what grades are needed, and how to present themselves.
  • Finally, we offer our experiences; all our tutors have had real-world experiences; have families; and are CRB checked. We offer meet the tutor open days, simply register to receive an invitation.

Our Courses


GCSE: Cells & Organisation; Disease and bioenergetics; biological responses; genetics & reproduction; ecology.



GCSE: Atoms, bonding and moles; chemical reactions and energy changes; rates, equilibrium and organic chemistry; analysis and the Earth’s resources.



GCSE: Energy; Electricity; Particle model of Matter; Atomic Structure; Forces; Waves; Electromagnetism.


All Courses

Baseline assessment, continuous assessment, careers, mathematics for science, exam techniques, how to retain and retrieve knowledge, how to revise, how to gain confidence, making revision flash cards, using knowledge organisers, finding sources of knowledge.

How it works

We are established as a micro academy providing Biology, Chemistry and Physics learning from our team of experienced, knowledge-rich tutors into classes of no-more than 5 students. We have our learning-centre in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, where we hold our evening learning sessions. Our catchment area stretches from Wycombe to Hemel to Aylesbury to the Chalfonts.

We suggest that GCSE students attend 3 lessons a week, one for each discipline: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course is 32 weeks long and is completed in time for the exams.

A-Level studies are on similar lines but will be conducted at weekends.

Please use our contact page to start a conversation.

Get in touch to hear about our Covid-19 GCSE & A-Level Science Recovery Programme

It’s a really tough time for GCSE & A-Level Science students at the moment isn’t it?

No matter how hard-working they might have been over the lockdown your child / children will have:

  • lost the benefit of student-to-teacher interaction
  • not had the opportunity to conduct the core practicals
  • lost the benefit of peer-on-peer collaboration

and with less than a year to go they will be worried about their futures; especially those who want to move onto university and / or those who want to make their futures in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths focused jobs (Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Computing, IT, Chemists, Biologists, Physicists, Architects, Pharmacists and many more).

To cater for this we have developed a unique one-year recovery course to help your child both catch up and then excel in the three sciences, catering for both triple and combined science courses. Contact us for details.