What we offer

BCP Micro Academy Tuition Programmes for GCSE & A-Level Science & Mathematics

  • Our courses are suitable for GCSE and A-Level syllabuses: AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.
  • Our tuition programme runs for 25 weeks over the next (2021-2022) school year in time for the 2022 GCSE & A-Level exams. We work after-school in the early evenings (1800-1900) or at weekends (1000-1200) during normal school term times.
  • We will work with students to assess their current knowledge and aspirations, understanding their baseline start-point
  • We provide homework.
  • We focus on knowledge and retention of that knowledge; teaching our students how to absorb knowledge into long term memory.
  • We teach exam techniques, but ensure our students have the wider knowledge (and therefore the fundamentals) to understand each of our topics.

How it works

We are established as a Micro Academy providing Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics learning from our team of experienced, knowledge-rich tutors into classes of no-more than 5 students. We have our learning-centre in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, where we hold our evening & weekend learning sessions. Our catchment area stretches from Wycombe to Hemel to Aylesbury to the Chalfonts.

We suggest that GCSE Science students attend 3 (1 hour) lessons a week, one for each discipline: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course is 25 weeks long and is completed in time for the exams.

A-Level studies are 2 hours/week for 25 weeks but will be conducted at weekends.

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