Teach a man to fish

Give him a fish and he can eat; but teach him to fish and he can eat many days.

— Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher

At BCP Micro Academy we recognise that Lao Tzu was very perceptive and his philosophy is just as applicable today, as it was 2,600 years ago. You do not need us to tell you that a good education is vital today and opens the door to huge opportunities.

We also live in very different times and recognise the need to help those affected by the covid-19 lockdowns. We are offering structured development courses in all 3 sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Maths at GCSE and at A-Level. We have strict social distancing and disinfectant regimes in place, and we have a maximum class size of 5.

Critically this enables us to provide safe but close teacher-student interaction with the benefit of peer-on-peer support and activities. With classes sizes of 5 it enables us to reduce the cost to you, compared to one on one tutoring; please contact us for details.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

— George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was an American agricultural scientist and inventor working in education at the beginning of the 20th Century. He was instrumental in solving issues around soil erosion and was an early environmentalist. We totally agree with his philosophy that education is a key. Our vision is to provide the right keys to our students. We employ first class tutors focused on teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at GCSE and A-level. Please contact us for details.

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Invest in education

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin

In these challenging times it is highly likely that your child has lost up to 6 months learning. Even those who have been diligent will have lost the undoubted benefits of teacher-student interactions and the often-missed peer-on-peer benefits of working together and encouraging each other. Both hugely difficult on remote video.

Our tutors are not simply teachers of core knowledge – although this is a vital element – they teach exam techniques, they teach how to learn, how to revise, how to become more self-confident and they offer a wide perspective on how to build a successful career and get into university or take an apprenticeship.

We run meet the Tutor sessions – why not contact us and come in meet us – we can run you through how we operate, the benefits, and the costs. All on a no-obligation basis.


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